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Wine Donation Requests

Loos Family Winery, LLC, is dedicated to serving the greater community to the best of our ability.  We are committed to several causes including:

Education: This is a very important issue for everyone here at the winery.  We are pleased to support local schools in the San Jose and Half Moon Bay areas as well as University of Pacific at their fund-raising events.

Cancer Research: The effects of this insidious disease have directly affected many family members and friends of the winery.  We support numerous organizations contributing to cancer research, including the charitable Loos Family Foundation which is specifically dedicated to funding research to enhance the detection of cancer at its earliest stages (Loos Family Foundation Non-Profit Account No. 1011254).

Dental Outreach: There’s a profound need to improve public health by eliminating oral disease, especially for the country’s most vulnerable citizens.  This can be accomplished, in part, by educating and empowering communities to provide access to care, and by advocating for policies that create oral health parity.  We support various dental organizations focused on delivery of comprehensive oral healthcare for economically disadvantaged children and cosmetic dentistry for the survivors of domestic violence, in particular.

Auction Item Donation Policy

Each year, Loos Family Winery, LLC, is solicited by hundreds of worthy organizations requesting wine-related donations.  As much as we would like to, as a small family-owned and operated commercial winery, we are unable to commit to every donation request.  The winery has chosen to focus its efforts primarily on the three areas outlined above (i.e. local education, cancer research and dental outreach).  Additionally, we are happy to extend priority consideration to any charitable organization supported, sponsored or hosted by a member of our wine club (a.k.a. Loos Family® Reunion Club).  Please fill out the Auction Item Request Form and email the form to: brad@loosfamilywinery.com or fax to 408-985-6884. Alternatively, visit https://www.sponsorlane.com/sponsors/post/loos-family-winery.

Case Goods Donation Policy

Case goods (i.e. bottles of wine) are available for purchase at non-profit events for 30% off the retail price.  The winery is no longer able to donate case goods at 100% off retail price for several reasons including:

  1. 30% off retail price allows us to recoup our production costs thus allowing us to remain in the business of producing characteristic wines for your pleasure; and
  2. Loos Family Winery, LLC, prefers to have only our current vintages poured at charity events.  It’s important that our brand is shown in the best possible light and that the charitable event also provides a good impression for the generous people in attendance.

To inquire about case goods donations for your charitable needs (local education, cancer research and dental outreach), please fill out the Case Goods Request Form (30% off retail price) and email the form to brad@loosfamilywinery.com or fax to 408-985-6884.

Tasting or Pouring Requests

The winery is often approached to attend a tasting or pouring to benefit a non-profit organization.  We would love to be at all these great events; however, our resources (including staffing and wine inventory), are extremely limited.  Please fill out the Non-Profit Tasting or Pouring Request Form and email to brad@loosfamilywinery.com or fax to 408-985-6884 for consideration.


Auction Item Request Form
Case Goods Request Form (30% off retail price)
Non-Profit Tasting or Pouring Request Form

If your request is approved, we will provide you with a Donation Description and Fair Market Value upon acceptance of your request.  Our contact information is: Loos Family Winery, LLC, 4110 Moorpark Avenue, Suite F, San Jose, CA, 95117-1712.  Our phone: is 408-799-5938; our fax is 408-985-6884; and our email is brad@loosfamilywinery.com.

Thank you for your interest in our boutique winery and our award-winning wines!

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