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Our Logo

Our logo is an artistic conglomeration of various symbols.  To some, it represents a good luck charm, hieroglyphic or talisman.  The meaning is more personal and specific for us.  The upper half consists of a cross with three points.  Each point represents an immediate family member and the overall cross shape reminds us of faith.  The lower half takes the shape of a folded heart.  This represents love of family, winemaking and life!

The font for "Loos Family®" that appears on our wine label, business cards and other materials was designed by Robbie de Villiers in 2007 which corresponds to the date of our inaugural vintage.  The splitting of the main down strokes in the capital letters “L” and “F” resembles the pattern when knife cuts into butter.  Imagine a butter knife that slices into butter, slowly wedging the cut wider so that when it is pulled back, the remaining shape would resemble the main down stroke of any capital letter.  The lowercase characters have an almost round hand-like character but with a slightly more formal presence.  We like this font because it projects strength while also maintaining a friendly legible script.  Shades of blue are not widely used on wine labels although blue is a relaxing, fashionable color.  Blue reminds us of the ocean which we enjoy almost as much as winemaking. Marine fog from the nearby Pacific Ocean benefits our source vineyards.

Loos Family® was registered as a trademark (Reg. No. 3,607,270) in the United States Patent and Trademark Office on April 14, 2009.


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